Jamie says that’s what you get for laughing!

{//Jack says he can’t believe he came all the way back from the grave for five minutes and Jamie throws him across a fence.}

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{*somewhere in the distance, a ghost of a former muse sit on a tree, cackling as he watches his friend storm away*}

[*picks former muse up and throws him over the fence too* XD]


{//But even if I said “sorry” a thousand times, it still wouldn’t make up for me leaving the fandom like I did.  I still feel so guilty about it…especially after I promised people I wouldn’t. I know most of you aren’t here anymore, but I still feel like this apology is necessary to each and every one of you.}

{//Alright, first things first: Let’s clean up this blog and get some rotg posts on here!}

{//Holy crap, how long has it been since I’ve posted something IC on here?!}



"Well, ever heard of Burgess?"

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She sighed and smiled. “Ever hear of Arendelle?”

Jack stared back at her blankly.


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Anonymous: "Emma, put that down!" -Jack 



Emma jumped and turned at the sound of her brothers voice. “No!” She replied, before quickly running to her room, and putting her back to the door so he wasn’t able to get in.

Emma lightly pushed open the door a little more, now peeking her whole head out. She looked both ways before slowly and cautiously walking out, and gripping tight the small object in her hand. “Jack..?” She quietly whispered.


Before the little girl had time to react, he jumped in front of her, pulling the kitchen knife from out of her hands and holding it high above, where she would be unable to reach it.